Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday Gala Events

Summer is just starting to wane and the kids are headed back to school, but now is the time to start thinking about planning that big company holiday party. Here is a list of things to think about now, so that your holiday event goes off without a hitch:

1) Location: Would you like an on site or off site location? Will you need to rent a space?

2) Who will cater? Does your event venue do food, or will you need to contract with another company?

3) What will the menu look like? Will it be a dessert reception, or a sit-down dinner? Will alcohol be served—and will it be an open, or paid bar?

4) How will invitations be sent out? Is an email or evite OK, or do formal invitations need to be ordered and printed?

5) Who is handling the guest list and RSVPs?

6) What is the theme or décor for the party?

7) Do you need to recruit volunteers to assist with planning, decorations and clean-up?

8) What kind of entertainment will you have? Have you booked your favorite Charlotte DJ?

9) Will the event be a black-tie or a “Hawaiian Luau”? Be specific with your guests so that they can plan accordingly!

10) What kinds of favors or party give-aways will you need? Will there be recognition or awards given? Do you need to make arrangements for any items to be printed ahead of time?

When planning any event, it is important to get a jump start on the details, so when the time comes, everything will fall into place seamlessly!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The History of Wedding Cake

As far back as the Roman Empire, there were wedding cakes. Throughout history, the wedding cake has taken on a wide variety of customs and traditions, some of which have stuck, and others that have faded away—many for good reason!

In Medieval England, wedding cakes were really flour-based breads. In one custom, guests would stack small sweet buns in a large pile in front of the newlyweds, and the couple would try to kiss over the pile. If they were successful, they could expect to be blessed many children.

In the middle of the17th century and well into the early 19th century, bride's pie was a popular. The pie was filled with sweet breads, a mince pie, or may have been merely a simple mutton pie. The bride’s pie always included a glass ring—and the lady who found the ring would be the next to be married. Bride's pies were not at all weddings during this time, but it is known that these pies were sometimes made into the main centerpiece at less elaborate receptions.

By the late 19th century, a single-tiered plum wedding cake became really popular, and the use of the bride's pie disappeared.

As far as the 17th century, people would sleep with a piece of cake underneath their pillow, since legend has it that sleepers will dream of their future spouses if a piece of wedding cake is under their pillow. In the late 18th century brides would sometimes pass tiny crumbs of cake through their wedding rings and give them to their guests who would place them under their pillows, but at some point the custom seemingly ended when brides began to get superstitious about taking their rings off after the ceremony.

Wedding cakes are "supposed to be" white. Right? The symbolism is obvious, white has always signified purity. White wedding cake icing that first appeared in Victorian times, as a visual link between the bride and the cake. Previous to Victorian times, most wedding cakes were also white, but not because of the symbolism—instead, white was used for a very practical purpose—colored frosting was hard to make! But very white frosting was also hard to come by, since white icing required the use of only the finest refined sugar, so the whiter the cake, the more affluent the families looked, and each family wanted to appear that they had significant status in their community.

Today, wedding cakes are still front and center in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, a beautiful symbol of the first task that bride and groom perform together as husband and wife.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Questions to ask your DJ

There was a time when having a DJ at your wedding, was mostly a cost decision. But DJ’s no longer just play a couple standard party songs in the corner and go home. DJ’s can offer a huge variety of music selections and styles that a live band sometimes cannot. And a DJ can be an emcee, moving the wedding along, getting the crowd to participate, and gathering the crowd to pay attention to a significant moment in the night.

So when you are considering a DJ for your wedding, here are some questions to ask:

Presentation. Ask the DJ how they will do the presentation of things like the introductions, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet & garter, requests and special dances. You and the DJ should be able to work together to accommodate your needs and their style.

Clothing. What will the DJ be wearing? Some DJ’s wear tuxedos, others suits, and still others show up in whatever they happen to throw on that day. If you have a preference—now is the time to say so!

Food. If you are having a reception at dinner time, rest assured the DJ will be hungry too. If you are serving food, make sure you ask if the DJ would like the meal, (most will say yes) and what choice they would like.

Breaks. Unless the DJ is working in a team, they will need a break (bathroom, drink, fresh air). Ask the DJ what their policy on breaks is and how they will cover the time they step away (Will they have music playing? Etc.)

Time. Ask about the DJ’s start and end times. The DJ can play just during the reception or during the cocktail hour and through dessert, but you should be specific about what you want and what rates apply for the time.

Song Selections. You should be able to select from a song list, and include a few special requests. You can even put a “no-play” list together, (that way if you don’t want a certain song, no matter how many times Uncle Erv requests it, it won’t be played).

Equipment. A DJ should have professional sound equipment – including speakers and a microphone and everything he or she should have to play at your wedding, but they will need access to a power supply, and potentially a table with linens (many will bring this, but it pays to ask). Make sure you know exactly what you are providing, and what they are bringing to the event.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment can come in many forms and is the best way to keep guests involved in your party. You don't want them to become bored, leave the party early, even have bad memories of the party afterwards. Games and music are the two most popular forms of party entertainment and depending on the ages and types of guests you have, these will vary.

If you are throwing a children’s party, the traditional games like 'Red Light, Green Light' or 'Simon Says,' are family-friendly and can be paired with more active games such as a bounce houses or a game of touch football. If your party has just adults, board games, or card games are always an easy way to get people involved.

Music is a great form of party entertainment—and can be upbeat and energizing or a subtle relaxing background. You can definitely set the moods of your guests depending on what kind of music you play and when. If you want to get the party going, play something with a strong beat and quick tempo. Remember to always play music that’s appropriate to the audience—children’s songs are best for kids parties, but not for adult parties, corporate events are different than house parties. When in doubt about the appropriateness of a song, check the lyrics beforehand.

Probably the best entertainment idea is to hire a DJ, who can make the decisions on the best songs to play and when, help lead the group games and keep the party moving. You can also work with another entertainer like a comedian, or magician to keep the crowd entertained. The trick is to always consider the audience, and choose the kind of entertainment that will truly be entertaining for all.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Questions to Guarantee a Quality DJ

There are ten questions that you should ask to ensure that you have a quality DJ at your wedding or next corporate event. Don't be left hoping that the DJ you chose will do the job well--be positive that your DJ will entertain, be professional and let you enjoy your party!

1.) Is the Disc Jockey (and/or entertainment company) insured?

2.) Will the DJ discuss the music selection with you ahead of time if you would like them to?

3.) Will the DJ use professional equipment and have a professional presentation, (table, speakers, signage etc.)

4.) Will there be back-up equipment available at the reception, (in case a microphone dies, a cord is broken, or a speaker blows!)

5.) Does the DJ know the proper etiquette, song selection and traditions for the reception (i.e. Bar Mitzvah, corporate party, wedding).

6.) Will the DJ set up before the event, and how long will they need to set-up before guests arrive?

7.) Does the DJ provide a written contract?

8.) Will the DJ be professionally, and appropriately dressed?

9.) Does the DJ belong to any professional organizations or groups, or hold any special designations or accreditation?

10.) Can the DJ provide references for the type of event you are planning?

Be confident that your next event will be entertaining! Make sure to hire a quality DJ Company!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Prom Playlist

The music played at prom can stay with you for a lifetime—forever reminding you of those special moments. This is why when planning your upcoming prom, you should choose songs that represent the your class, have true meaning and will leave a lasting impression—here is a list of 35 of the hottest songs for proms this year:

1. Just Dance by Lady GaGa featuring Colby O'Donis
2. Love Story by Taylor Swift
3. Untouched by The Veronicas
4. Far Away by Nickelback
5. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
6. Thunder by Boys Like Girls
7. 1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T's
8. When you look me in the eyes by the Jonas Brothers
9. I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith
10. Beautiful by Akon featuring Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall
11. Wonderwall by Oasis
12. Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings
13. Low by Flo rida
14. Apologize by One Republic featuring Timbaland
15. Wait for You by Elliott Yamin-
16. Graduation Song (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C
17. My Girl by The Temptations
18. I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders
19. You and Me by Lifehouse
20. Angel by Aerosmith
21. Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys
22. With You by Chris Brown
23. Viva La Vida by Cold Play
24. Last kiss by Pearl Jam
25. Don't Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood
26. Take a Bow by Rihanna
27. These Are The Moments by Edwin McCain
28. Forever Young by Rod Stewart
29. Here Without You by 3Doors Down
30. Heres to the Night by Eve 6
31. Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson
32. Remember me the way by Jordan Hill
33. Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden
34. Until the End of time by Justin Timberlake
35. Don't Let Go by Bryan Adams with Sara Mclaughin

Have a great prom!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prom Themes

Are you on your prom's planning committee this year? A prom is an exciting event and choosing the right theme can be instrumental in its success and the ease of your planning. Here are a few GREAT prom themes to use--or inspire creativity of your own.

1) Dream / Day Dreaming / Star Gazing: Decorate with soft clouds, moons, stars. Instead of traditional tables and chairs, bring in bean bags and large floor pillows.

2) Under the Sea: Choose sea blue and foam waves for decoration, and sea shells and netting work great on the tables as decorations. This is an easy theme to go with since decorations are so available--and it is always fun!

3) The Roaring 20’s: The 20’s is a glamorous and romantic theme. Be sure to have the DJ play plenty of swing music and encourage if possible offer some after-school, or Phys Ed swing dancing classes in the weeks leading up to the prom to get everyone involved!

4) James Bond - Casino Royale: James Bond and the glamour of a casino themed night can be a fun and interesting way to add entertainment and activity into your prom. Have the guests arrive in black tie and cocktail dresses and use play money and game tables and serve mocktails. For those who choose not to dance, this is a great way to feel involved without hitting the dance floor!

5) Paris: Paris is considered one of the most romantic places on Earth--and this is a GREAT way to get your French club involved in the planning too! Decorate with Eiffel towers, French posters and advertising. Add Christmas-style lights strung across the space and write in French on the invitations, signs and tickets. Ask your DJ to bring in French pop songs to play, and ask your French students what songs they would like included!

6) Beach/ Hawaiian Theme: A great way to heat up a cold winter night or rainy spring is with a beach theme! Decorations can involve beach balls, a sandcastle contents, even fish bowls, or Hawaiian leis as table centerpieces. Have the students dress in their board shorts, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and hula dresses. Have the DJ play old beach music along side traditional prom music.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Involved at Your Child's Middle School Dance

As a parent of a Middle School Student, you are probably concerned about how to stay involved with your child's life... while giving them the space to grow and become more independent. Helping plan your child's Middle School dance is one great way to accomplish this--and provide much needed assistance to weary administrators and over-extended teachers.

As a volunteer, you may be asked to head a committee or tasked with a single job such as hiring the right DJ. Whatever your involvement, be sure to include your son or daughter in to the planning process, asking for feedback and ideas. Having a task to accomplish together will establish a bonding, and set the tone for how you and your student will work together throughout their school social activities through Middle and High School. Remember, they will be exerting their own personal style, and their music or clothing choices may not be your own, but are not necessarily bad. As long as they fit the school's policies and are not crude or inappropriate, your child's tastes should be considered. This dance is not for you... it is for the kids and should reflect what they would like!

Take the cues from your child too, as they may be very willing to help you in music selection while you sit at home, but may completely ignore you as a chaperone at the dance while with their friends. Try not to take it personally--your child is growing up and trying to establish boundaries. At the end of the night, or the next day though, be sure to ask your child about the event, and maintain that open line of communication. You may find they are receptive to sharing with you more when not trying to show-off for their friends.

The Middle School years can be rough ones for parents and children, but they can also be profoundly rewarding! Stay involved, volunteer, engage... but remember to take a step back when the situation merits it. You are helping your son or daughter grow, by allowing them a little freedom of space and expression.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Dance Theme Tips

School has just begun, and it is time for school administrators and committees to start thinking about those big school events: the high school prom, homecoming, semi formal, and other great dances and events.

The first step when planning these events is determining the theme. The party theme will affect the invitations, fliers, decorations, favors, music and dress code. Having a theme will set the stage for all planning activities and make the dance more memorable.

First, determine how many events you will have this year. Would you like them to all follow a similar theme? Would you like them to flow with the seasons, or be based on a series of books or movies? You may want one large event, or several smaller ones. Getting these on the calendar immediately will help the planning process.

Next, choose a theme. Think romance for proms, or school spirit for homecoming--but be careful--students are notorious for finding humor or misconstruing things that adults come up with--so keep it simple, and avoid any kinds enteof double entendres. Movies, books, or popular themes like "under the sea" always work well and can be fun for the students and staff to plan.

The best way to set your theme is with the music. Work with your DJ company to choose songs that are appropriate for your audience and that follow your theme. For example, a "70's disco" dance will be even more fun and thematic if 90's pop-rock songs are not thrown in to the mix!

One of your biggest factors will be budget. While you can go with almost any theme and fit it into your budget, how much you can spend will determine how far you can take it. Do you want to give away favors? Will there be food? Will decorations be bought or made? These are all factors that will affect your budget.

Choosing and running with a theme will not only help you make decisions about the event, but will help get the student body excited about the upcoming dance and guide a student-run dance planning committee's creativity--ensuring a successful, unique and memorable event for all!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Hot New Trends in Corporate Event Entertainment

Businesses have been trying to entertain their employees for decades, with holiday parties and summer picnics, and even at conventions and company meetings. But in the last few years, corporate event entertainment has been taken to a new level. Event planners are looking at new ways to motivate, team build, train and entertain—and out of that, some exciting new trends are emerging.

One new trend in corporate event entertainment is tying in a positive message or training throughout the week or weekend session. Things like comedy skits, and high-energy group activities assist employees in learning better customer relations techniques, build confidence, and work with each other more effectively.

Here are some hot ideas:

Entertainment ideas for courage-building: Ideas like group sky-diving, mountain climbing, ropes courses and white water rafting are all courage-building ideas that can be used as good bases for thing like team building and problem-solving.

Environmentally sound entertainment ideas: Being green is on everyone’s mind these days, and businesses are taking notice by “greening up” corporate events with green awareness training, organic foods, freetrade favors, and brainstorming sessions on how to bring environmentally-friendly ideas to the work place.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choosing a Wedding Florist

As professional DJ's we see a lot of wedding flowers, and deal with a lot of brides who are in the midst of choosing a florist. We would like to offer some advice to couples choosing floral arrangements, bouquets and other wedding flowers for their big day.

Every florist has their own style when it comes to wedding floral arrangements, so it is important to be familiar with a florist’s work before signing a contract.

The best way to start is to ask friends who they used, and what they thought of their work, price, and professionalism. If the florist comes highly recommended, chances are they will do a good job for you too. But don’t forget to also look at pictures (online and in-store) and if possible, check out a bridal order they are currently working on.

When you visit each florist, look at pictures of their previous work and look around their shop.

-->Do you like the arrangements that you see in the shop's displays?
-->Do the flowers in the pictures look fresh? (are the petal edges brown?)
-->Are the pictures current and do they follow contemporary styles?
-->Talk to the specific florist that will do your arrangements.
-->Do you feel comfortable with your florist and are they willing to take your ideas and wishes?

When to Book:
You should begin your search for a florist about 6 months before your wedding date. This is something you can’t do too early or too late because you need to have your reception and ceremony sites picked out before you can hire a florist, (because of size, location, amount, colors), but you also don’t want to wait too long, especially during a busy “wedding season,” so you can have your choice of florists.

What to Bring:
When you go to meet with your final florist-prospects, you should bring pictures of flowers and arrangements you like from magazines or photographs, pictures of your gown, color swatches and a list of the flowers you will need (i.e. centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets, etc.). You may also want to bring quotes your received from other florists.

What to Ask:
While you are looking over their portfolio, make sure to ask if the person who did the arrangements you like, is the same one that will be doing your flowers. Ask for their creative ideas and get a sense of what kind of artist they are. Ask if the flowers you want are in season when you need them. A florist may be able to get out-of-season flowers, but there may be additional costs, and they may not last as long. There are also some technical questions, such as “is there a delivery charge?” and “when must the final order be in?” and if there are hidden costs.

With these tips, we are sure you will haev beautiful arrangements on your special day.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Top 5 Party Theme Ideas

Every great party has a theme. The theme sets the stage for the attire, decorations, entertainment, even food and activities! Below are a list of our Top 5 Party Theme Ideas.

Western: Saddle-up and let’s have a hi-ho good time at this rodeo, Cowboy! Western style parties are fun and easy. Ask guests to arrive in the “Western Wear,” serve chips and salsa, BBQ, and give mini cactus away as party favors!

James Bond: "Bond, James Bond" Ask guests to dress in black tie for your 007 shin-dig. James Bond parties can include showings of movies, casino games, even a Bond-style murder-mystery game. Serve martinis and give away poker-chip key chains as fun favors.

Luau: Aloha! Spice up a pool party with a Hawaiian Luau theme. Ask guest to show with their beach attire, and supplement with grass skirts that they can take home. Serve fruity drinks in coconuts, and hand-out flower leis as the guest arrive. Decorate with raffia table skirts and tiki lamps. And of course, play some beautiful Hawaiian luau music!

70’s Disco: “Ah…. Freak out!” Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, and get in “the groove” for a fabulous disco style party. Decorate with a disco ball, hand out 70’s style sunglasses and ask guest to arrive in their bell-bottoms and leisure suits! If you want a fun food idea, think fondue! Don’t forget the tunes: The Village People, Elton John, Kool and the Gang… this era is a great party theme idea!

Hollywood: A star-studded, glittery, paparazzi-filled night is ahead of you when you host a Hollywood party! Perfect for awards-nights, celebrations, company gatherings, and more, a Hollywood party can be a glitzy and glamorous affair. Ask guests to show dressed as their favorite super-star. Put a red carpet out, give away cameras as favors, and decorate with star-cut-outs. Stop by the trophy store and pick up some awards for your guests of honor: Best Hairstyle, Most Glamorous, etc.

These are just a few of the great themes that you could use for your next party. Remember, starting with the theme when you plan will help shape all the planning, and giving your party a great theme will get the guest excited and make the event spectacular.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hosting a Cool Company Party

Partying with co-workers can be fun, as well as a great opportunity to network with people in your business you may not get a chance to talk to on a regular basis. You can throw your company party onsite, at a restaurant or pub, convention center or as a company picnic at a local park. But no matter what the venue, you can use the following tips to get the planning started.

Recruit a Committee: Get help from co-workers to help brainstorm creative ideas, and split the responsibilities. You can choose a small group, or a larger one with sub-committees depending on the size and scale, but it is always good to have a team to get things done!

Move It: If your office is a place of business… full of computers, paperwork, desks and distractions, consider moving the party out to a more festive site. Think about something unusual, such as an art gallery, cruise-ship, or city tour bus.

Bring in the Music: Hire a DJ, to “get that party started.” Music can set the tone, and keep things moving.

Don’t go Overboard: We all want to have a good time, but there is always “that guy” (or girl) who has just a bit too much to drink and regrets it back at the office on Monday. So take it easy on the alcohol, and as the party planner or host, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic options and a coffee-bar towards the end, and have a plan to help guests who shouldn’t drive home find rides or a taxi.

Remember, company parties can be a great time, but they still need to be planned, executed, and enjoyed in a responsible way—after all, you still need to work with these people when the party is over!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maid of Honor Wedding Toast

It is traditional for the best man and the father-of-the-bride to give a toast—but as the Maid of Honor, you have the right to say a few words too, should you choose to. So, don’t be shy, stand up, grab the microphone and give the happy couple some inspiring words! Here are some tips:

Take It Seriously: When you toast the bride and groom at their wedding, you're not just speaking for all the guests—you are saying what everyone at the reception would like to say, well-wishes, advice, and congratulations. This is a huge responsibility. Embrace this obligation with grace and maturity.

Don't Procrastinate: Write your toast early. The worst thing to do would be to be writing it during the hors d’oeuvres! Carefully think about the message you would like to give, and remember to give it the time it deserves.

Be Personal: While you are speaking for the whole group, you should also personalize the toast. Be sure to include:

· Express how happy and honored you are to be at the wedding and thank the bride and groom (and their parents, if appropriate) for inviting everyone to be a part of their special day.

· Include a personal touch (a favorite memory, story, quote, or joke), but be sure to make it something everyone will enjoy.

· Offer encouraging, poignant and moving words of advice for their future together. (A quote will usually work its way in here).

· Offer heart-felt well wishes.

· Raid raising of the glass, saying "To Jess and Shane"

You don’t have to be funny: Best man speeches are often goofy, sometimes awkward stories meant to poke fun at the groom. Don’t feel you have to follow this with digs on the bride! (She may not appreciate it!) But don’t feel that you have to get overly sentimental either. If hilarity is comfortable and appropriate for you, then be funny, if you are sentimental-great, but most of all speak from the heart.

Keep it short: Public speaking is not for everyone, and if it is something that makes you uncomfortable, all the more reason to keep it short and sweet. Your toast can just be two quick lines, (perhaps up to 2 minutes). As you prepare your toast, keep it simple and don't try to add in hard to pronounce vocabulary words you wouldn’t normally use.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Once the toast has been written, practice reading it out loud. Ask for feedback from your family. If possible, memorize the toast, but also be sure to write out the complete speech (or good notes) and take it with you to the microphone. That day, in the moment, you could forget the toast, so have a back-up plan ready.

Know When: Toasting traditionally happens once everyone has been seated and served champagne, but the bride and groom may request something different…so know what their wishes are. If they don't have a preference, the timing is up to you and the best man. If there is a mic stand, walk up together, and if a microphone is being passed make sure you have coordinated who will go first and how you will get the mic.

Call the guests to attention by clinking a glass with a utensil (or have the DJ announce to guests that toasting is about to begin).

Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Write The Speech Yourself?
A properly planned Toast/Speech is important to the success of any Wedding. One that is not prepared, delivered improperly, or drags on too long can lose the impact and interest of the guests - however one which is professionally written can keep them laughing and really raise the success level of the Wedding another 10%. Here are some professionally done, relatively inexpensive toast ideas.

Click Here To See Some Toast & Speeches

Giving a great toast is a fun opportunity to share a little bit of you and celebrate the happy couple. Relax, enjoy and Cheers!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips for a Wonderful Wedding Shower

Planning a bridal shower can sometimes seem like a daunting task, it is not only something that the bride is often looking forward too, it is an event she will cherish her whole life—no stress on you, right?! But, with a little planning and some creative and fun ideas, both she and the guests will have a great time, and so will you!

Get away: If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional bridal shower, a favorite idea is a shower get-away! Take the bride-to-be and friends on spa day, take dance lessons, go to the beach, on a wine tasting… there are so many fun ideas once you are no longer restricted to a traditional house party, that will not only lessen the stress, but increase the fun!

Invites: Be sure to send guests a formal invitation, or even an evite. This will set the tone and theme—and be a nice memento for the bride afterward. Include any special requests, such as asking the guests to include a change of clothes, photograph of them with the bride, or favorite recipe.

Gifts: Set up a place to put the gifts ahead of time, so that they can be saved until the end of the party, but be sure to secure the cards with tape, (sometimes they fall off, causing confusion later on) to help keep things straight. When gifts are opened, Be sure to put someone in charge of writing down who gave what, so that the bride can easily write her thank-yous later, and snap photos of the bride with the presents and the guests as well, to include in the note, and as a reminder to the bride, which mixing bowl came from whom!

You can create a fabulous shower for the bride-to-be by just remembering these key aspects of the event. But most of all- have fun!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Tips: Red Carpet

If you are planning a big event, consider this: make the guests feel unique and special upon arrival – with a red carpet!

Here’s how you do it: set up a long narrow entrance to the party room or hall. Get a long red carpet, a row of rope stands or even rose petals strewn on either side. The trick is to get the guests to go down this pathway to enter the venue.

You can ask the event or location staff to line up on either side of the entry-path – their job is to cheer as each guest arrives and begin their walk to the doorway. If you want to go the extra step, hire celebrity impersonators to “interview” guests as they arrive, and make sure there are plenty of people “in the crowd” with cameras, (you can even get these photos developed at a 1-hour photo place and have them put in frames to be given as favors at the end of the party!)

The “red carpet treatment’ is great for fundraising galas, corporate parties, and even wedding receptions, but it always works best when you take the idea, and can personalize it to the event and the honorees.

Have a great party!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Planning a Jammin' Pool Party

Summer is here and it is time for that awesome summer celebration! Want to do something a little different? Create a stylish outdoor party that everyone will be talking about! Your first step is to start the planning, but remember when it comes to summer parties, keep it simple! The sunshine, the pool, and the great company are what matters.

Invitations: Set the stage with your invitations. Print your invitations on water-blue paper stock and for fun, toss in some tropical confetti. Don’t forget to remind people to bring their bathing suits and towels!

Music: Choose a selection of your favorite beach or tropical songs to play at the party—or hire a DJ to spin some summer beach party songs pool-side. Music can make a party, so keep it fun and up-beat.

Décor: Summer is about bright happy colors! Decorate with sunny yellow table cloths, blue plate and cups, and in-season flowers as centerpieces. Put up some shade umbrellas and chairs and throw a bunch of beach balls in the pool and you are all set!

Party Favors: Everyone loves to get party favors! Your pool party favors can be something as simple as sample-size sunscreen and aloe in a clear plastic bag and tie with ribbon, or as elaborate as custom-printed beach towels!

Your next fun-in-the-sun Pool Party will be a blast if you keep it simple, fun and take the time to think about just a few key things.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Aren't you glad to live in America where we are free? It is so nice every July to experience another year in a wonderful land that we call home. Where else can you follow your dreams? If you didn't get an opportunity to watch a fireworks display this year, please enjoy the following video with Fireworks from Disneyland where dreams always come true!

Happy Fourth of July from all of us here at Audio To Go!

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We have several packages to choose from including:

* The Dream Package

* The Princess Package

* The Fairytale Experience

"Creating Magical Moments & Enchanting Memories....
One Remarkable Event At A Time!"

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Your DJ: WHAT YOU GET Audio To Go

Wonder what Charlotte’s number one team of DJs can provide you? Ask no more! Here are a few things you should look for in ANY DJ, and that Audio To Go always promises and delivers.

1. Your DJ and/MC will be dressed to the 9’s in their finest professional wardrobe. Every member of the Audio To Go team is always dressed in formalwear and will maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance at all times. You spend hours on your appearance before a special event; and your DJ should look their best too.

2. Your DJ will be responsive to all of your needs and will guarantee that you will have a fantastic experience. Your DJ will also work with all service personnel incorporated with the event, like photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, venue, etc.

3. We don't like paperwork either, but it is necessary. You will receive a written agreement clearly stating all charges, services, products and other essential information. You’ll also be provided with a written cancellation policy. You will also be protected with our liability insurance policy.

4. G-rated fun! Your DJ will not use profanity on or off the microphone, and will maintain a family-friendly show by only playing music that has edited lyrics and/or content. Your nieces and nephews will not learn any “new” words because of Audio To Go!

5. Your DJ will be sober, (we don’t believe in drinking on the job)…Your DJ will not drink any alcohol during your event nor will they take smoke breaks. He or she will maintain a professional, positive, and friendly attitude throughout the performance, regardless of any occurrences.

6. Your total experience us will be incredibly fun, innovatively fresh, and completely unique. Audio To Go always strives to stay up on the latest trends in the industry. You won’t catch us doing stale routines or using old school technology.

Audio To Go Charlotte's Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How far in advance should I book my DJ?


Getting ready for your wedding can be a series of schedules, reservations, and deposits that require an army of assistants to keep track. Reserve a hall, get a minister, find a dress…The list goes on and on…And you cannot, must not, absolutely should not, forget to book a DJ! If you don’t schedule your DJ in advance, you might just find yourself scrambling to find someone with an iPod and portable speakers!

There is no set time period to book a DJ, but bear in mind that some times of the year are busier than others. Most good full-time DJs will book up quickly. I would suggest booking a DJ about 12 to 18 months in advance of a wedding and 6 to 9 months in advance of any other function. As soon as you know your wedding date, you should be booking your DJ as well.

Remember that there are many talented DJ’s but during the holiday season and the Spring and Summer, it make will take reservations made several months in advance to get the DJ you want.

Audio To Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators
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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Audio To Go Team

Who’s Who? The Audio To Go Team

Hiring a DJ for a company party, school dance, or wedding is an important decision. You need to know that the DJ you entrust to play the right music, emcee the event and keep the party moving, is a person of character, a professional with experience and a passion for what they do.

Are you curious about who makes up Charlotte’s greatest musical force? Here is a quick look at the Audio To Go Team, the best DJ crew in the Carolinas!

Brian Hines - Owner/Emcee
Brian Hines has a genuine passion for bringing fun into peoples' lives. With over 10 years of wedding entertainment experience, and over 15 years in the broadcasting and entertainment fields, Brian is a vital and dynamic force both nationally and in the Charlotte, NC community. His reputation is well-known along the Southern Seaboard and Brian has entertained in venues as varied as The Peninsula Yacht Club, The Ballantyne Resort, The Biltmore Estate, The Bank of America (Panther) Stadium, and even at Lowe's Motor Speedway.
Read more about Brian

Drew Parham - DJ/Emcee/Coordinator
Drew started with college radio at Western Carolina University where he majored in Communications and was Program Director and On-air personality on WWCU. His first gig in Charlotte was on KISS 102 then later moved over to KISS 95.1 where he was the night time personality and Assistant Music Director for 8 years. He then moved over to WSOC FM 103.7 for another four years. Drew has a love for all types of music (Top 40, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, or whatever you and your wedding guests would like to hear). Drew has interviewed numerous stars over the years including Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Destiny's Child, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and more.
Read more about Drew.

Trey Perry - DJ/Emcee/Coordinator
As a Native Charlottean, Trey has lived in the Queen City all but 9 years. He spent 4 years at the Citadel, in Charleston, SC and 5 years in Eastern North Carolina. Trey is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He is truly a Carolina Boy with a deep love and knowledge of Beach music and party planning. But don't let that sway your decision, because Trey is well versed in all genres of music and really knows how to get down. As a resident club DJ for Audio to Go, he has major skills in knowing what is popular and what will push your event to the next level. Read more about Trey.

Sean Owens - DJ/Emcee/Coordinator
Sean, originally from New Jersey, has lived in North Carolina for the past 14 years. With 2 years experience as a college radio DJ, Sean has over 15 years of experience working in the sports and entertainment industry.
Read more about Sean.

Shani Heartley - DJ/Emcee/Coordinator
Shani graduated from UMCP with a major in communications. She got her start in the entertainment industry by interning in promotions with a local music store. She continued her love of communication by working part-time doing promotional modeling and as a brand ambassador for Tag Promotions in Washington, DC.
Read more about Shani.

Kristen Hines - Owner/Music Mixer
Kristen was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and moved down to the Carolinas in 1998. During her school years she was introduced to many forms of music and entertainment. Kristen played the flute in band, she took drama classes, she was on the color guard, and she was a star cheerleader! Just like many aspiring entertainers, Kristen loves to be around people and decided to wait tables for about four years before she hit it big and found the career that she had always dreamed of. She is now part owner of ATG with her husband Brian Hines. Read more about Kristen.

Katherine Johnson - Music Mixer
Katherine was born and raised in Charlotte. During her school years she was involved in theater and drama. Acting and doing stage work gave her a taste of show business.

She also was in choirs, at school and church. As well as being on a vocal team and a singer in a church band. While in school she played soccer, volley ball, ran track, and cheered. She has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. Katherine is the newest member to the team.
Read more about Katherine.

Robin Hopkins - Office Manager
Robin joined our company in September 2008 after pursuing a 10 year career in event planning and administration with the federal government and the corporate accounting industry. In addition to her job duties, Robin often served in a leadership role on various campaigns, NFP’s, and within her community on fundraising events, artistic endeavors, and landscape beautification projects. As the coordinator for such events, she possesses keen organizational skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to work well with a diverse range of team members. Read more about Robin.

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators:
Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Favorite “First Dance Songs”

Always & Forever” by Heatwave - A classic love song that used to get a lot of play on the airwaves and the dance floor, “Always & Forever” is now popular throwback that makes a special couples’ moment terribly memorable.

At Last” by Etta James - Classically beautiful, haunting, and meaningful, Etta James’ soulful ballad sets the stage for a distinct moment between the new husband and wife.
“Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts - Rascal Flatt’s signature song is the perfect ballad for any couple that is just “a little bit country…”

Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John - Some might think it a little corny, but Elton John’s soaring power chords make this Disney hit a standard at any wedding.

Can't Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis – They don’t call Mr. Presley “the King” for no reason. Spin this one up on the turn tables and watch – there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Faithfully” by Journey – Over the years, classic rock had an uphill battle to reclaim “cool”…But anyone who says a bad word about Journey is messing with us. The best song, EVER!

Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel - The Piano Man knows how to lay down some bittersweet and endearing words, accompanied by some melodies that will ring through your brain all night long.

Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers – It is a classic standard that all other songs are measured by, and sometimes – fall short of. If you can’t beat it, then play it.

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators:
Charlotte, North Carolina

What To Look For When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Whenever you are planning an event, you probably scrutinize every detail: The food, the décor, the ambiance, and most certainly the bar. Sometimes, the DJ is last on the list of things to do – and it gets shuffled to a decision of "How much do they cost?" Cost should be a factor your considering, but it shouldn’t make or break your DJ selection.

Don't start out by just asking "How much do you charge?" Instead, tell your DJ choices a little about YOU and YOUR EVENT. We want to work with people that we are friends with. We need to connect with out clients and a great way to do that is to actually meet with you. Hiring a DJ becomes a personal relationship, because you are inviting us to the most monumental day of your life! Let us know when you are available to meet or talk and we can go from there.

Shopping for a DJ is like shopping for any important accessory. The cost is a final factor, but what is most important is what that DJ brings to the table. Experience, ability, personality, and skill are not measures to dime down. If you want attention to detail and time spent with your MC to plan your party the right way, you need to ensure that will happen. Do you want to leave out the light show but add party props? Are you looking for 6 hours of playing time instead of 4?
There are many things that can be added or taken away from your reception or party that will influence the overall investment. Having a budget is GREAT, but knowing what you want from the DJ and what they can do is pivotal. Let your DJ know your vision for the event and what you would like them to accomplish. Bounce ideas off of us and ask us for our suggestions. The deliberations you have had over your cake flavor, and napkin colors, are important. The time you spend on your music is just as so. Make sure you hire a DJ and/or Emcee that can work with you to construct an incredible auditory experience. Remember any events, weddings, dances, parties that you have been to, for good or for bad….What did you like or hate about them? 4 out of 5 times the music selection, and the atmosphere those tunes create, is the deciding factor in a fabulous bash or a spectacular flop.

Hire a DJ that knows what he/she is doing, and is willing to go the extra mile to work with you. We will not know the exact rate until we find out exactly what YOU want. Please give us a call, there is no obligation! We look forward to customizing an event for you soon!

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Greater Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators
Charlotte, North Carolina

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a DJ

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a DJ

10. Any song, any artist…DJs have everything at the fingertips. They shouldn’t be stumped or shocked with a choice you or your guests’ request.

9. All music styles, all the time. Talented DJs can bridge an event between different musical choices, they can find subtle and imaginative ways of going from slow to fast, classical to country.

8. More efficient stage area…One or two DJs and all their equipment take up such little space, you have extra room for more guests, more presents, or the world’s largest congo line.

7. DJs can play dinner, cocktail and dance music.

6. No breaks! Nobody is suggesting they work till they drop, but a DJ is able to spin for the entire length of your event. There is an art to the turntables, no doubt – but not one that requires anybody to take too much time away from your special event.

5. Better volume control, you can dictate if your party will shake the chandeliers or simply soothe a savage beast.

4. Greater musical value – you get more for your money.

3. Two words, "Electric Slide!" This or any of your favorite line dances or theme moments – your DJ will know and be able to throw with good cheer and grace.

2. A DJ can please more guests. With nearly infinite number of possibilities, your guests will find there every whim and fancy is attended too!

1. Built in Master of Ceremonies & expert Ice breaker! The DJ is always there to warm-up the crowd, keep the event happy and on-schedule, and to make any wallflowers or shrinking violets join in the fun. You won’t be able to be in every corner and with every guest every time, but the DJ is your ambassador of ambiance – making sure every guest is happy and having fun.

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators:
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Event, Your Music: Our expertise meets your favorite songs

The bottom line is, people hate when they request a song and the DJ doesn’t have it. A good DJ will understand this and want to give you and your guests the best experience possible. This is why we bring a huge collection of music from all musical formats, and why we work with you to explore your musical tastes and preferences. For example, Audio to Go DJs receive all the new music as the stores and radio stations receive them, so go ahead and try to stump us! We have it all! In addition, we have a huge collection of everyone’s favorites from the past.

With Audio to Go, you can literally control every song that is played. You will have as much say as you want to, after all it's your event, not ours! Although we do supply you with a listing of the "most requested" music and the "newest hits", we don't use just this as a play list. We expect that you will use our lists as an idea starter and add your favorites. The play list will be developed from your list of favorites, great companion songs, event standards and special requests. Each event is unique—and the songs played for yours will be hand-picked and custom just for you.

Best of all, in addition to being able to hand-pick every song for your special event, you will be able to "ban" your least favorite songs and we will guarantee that they are not played. It is your special day, you should have the right to pick what tunes you get to hear and dance too.

If you prefer, you can just select your favorite formats or eras and we will "play to the crowd" and take requests from your guests. Again, it is your special day, and your DJ is just there to make it more memorable.

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators:
Charlotte, North Carolina

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Wedding Songs

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. And when planning for that special day every couple gives a great deal of thought to the songs that will be played at both the ceremony and the reception. The songs played conjure up cherished memories, wonderful feelings for the couple, but the songs aren’t just for the bride and groom, they’re also for the parents, the siblings, the friends and family that all attend. You’ve chosen a special song for your solo dance, but have you considered the other slow romantic tunes you will ask for? The following playlist includes the most requested wedding songs selected by all sorts of couples – young, old, newlywed and long-married!

Unforgettable (Nat King Cole)
A classic and classy.

Can I Have This Dance?
(Ann Murray)
Guaranteed to make your parents cry.

The Way You Look Tonight
(Frank Sinatra)
The Chairman of the Board!

It Had To Be You
(Harry Connick, Jr.)
A new favorite with old soul.

What A Wonderful World
(Louis Armstrong)
Honestly one of the best…

I Cross My Heart
(George Strait)
Sometimes overlooked, but always delivers.

I Swear
(John M. Montgomery or All 4 One)
New-fangled fun…

No Ordinary Love
Smooth, silky, and completely sexy…

Here And Now
(Luther Vandross)
Inspirational and iconic…

On Bended Knee
(Boyz II Men)
A favorite for several generations…

Audio to Go Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators servicing the Charlotte Area. Call 704-537-9300 to book your event today.

Professional DJs, MCs, VJs, Event Coordinators, and Party Motivators
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