Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brian Hines was the MC for the Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hynes Wedding

Jennifer Dilworth married Brian Hynes on April 28, 2007 and ATG's Brian Hines was their Master Of Ceremonies. It is actually a funny story. On the afternoon of February 27, 2007 Jennifer called Audio To Go to get some information about DJ Services for her Wedding. When Audio To Go answered the phone it was the owner of the company (Brian Hines) who took the call. He picked up the handset and answered how he always does "Good Afternoon and thanks for calling Audio To Go, this is BRIAN HINES - how may I help you?". At that moment there was a LONGGGGGGG PAUSSSSSE!

So Brian repeated again "This is BRIAN HINES, how may I help you today?", after another LONG PAUSE, Jennifer proceeded to say "Whoooooo Is This?". Brian repeated again "BRIAN HINES". Jennifer then in almost disbelief said "BRIAN HINES???????" (It was almost like she had just realized that Brian was a long time friend from back in school or something, however the story was about to reveal itself. Brian then said, "YES, and I am speaking with who?" Jennifer then said her name and told Brian (owner of Audio To Go) that her fiance's name was Brian Hynes and that is why she was taken back for a moment.

Imagine the shock that Jennifer experienced to find out that MC Brian Hines had the same name as her fiancé. What was even weirder was that Brian (ATG's Owner) literally lived in the next neighborhood over from Jennifer. So she was calling and talking to Brian Hines who was less than a mile away from her. After finding out several other similarities and points of common interest and knowing that they had never met or in no way knew each other before this conversation - it was determined to be fate for Brian Hines to DJ their wedding reception!

Their Wedding took place out of town up in the mountains in Bryson City, NC. They wanted a unique Wedding that their friends would remember forever and that is exactley what they got. Their group was a very FUN and lively crowd. One of the awesome and unique things that took place that night was when Jennifer and Brian Hynes both hopped on their dirt bikes and started riding around on the dance floor and under the tent doing bike tricks. They are both bikers and this added a very unique touch to their big day. It was really neat to see a bride in a her beautiful dress riding a bike. MC Brian Hines added just the right soundtrack to these events.

Whether your name is Brian Hynes, Brian Hines, or something completely different - Audio To Go can make your Wedding just as special. For more information call today 704-537-9300

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