Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a DJ

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a DJ

10. Any song, any artist…DJs have everything at the fingertips. They shouldn’t be stumped or shocked with a choice you or your guests’ request.

9. All music styles, all the time. Talented DJs can bridge an event between different musical choices, they can find subtle and imaginative ways of going from slow to fast, classical to country.

8. More efficient stage area…One or two DJs and all their equipment take up such little space, you have extra room for more guests, more presents, or the world’s largest congo line.

7. DJs can play dinner, cocktail and dance music.

6. No breaks! Nobody is suggesting they work till they drop, but a DJ is able to spin for the entire length of your event. There is an art to the turntables, no doubt – but not one that requires anybody to take too much time away from your special event.

5. Better volume control, you can dictate if your party will shake the chandeliers or simply soothe a savage beast.

4. Greater musical value – you get more for your money.

3. Two words, "Electric Slide!" This or any of your favorite line dances or theme moments – your DJ will know and be able to throw with good cheer and grace.

2. A DJ can please more guests. With nearly infinite number of possibilities, your guests will find there every whim and fancy is attended too!

1. Built in Master of Ceremonies & expert Ice breaker! The DJ is always there to warm-up the crowd, keep the event happy and on-schedule, and to make any wallflowers or shrinking violets join in the fun. You won’t be able to be in every corner and with every guest every time, but the DJ is your ambassador of ambiance – making sure every guest is happy and having fun.

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