Friday, June 26, 2009

What To Look For When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Whenever you are planning an event, you probably scrutinize every detail: The food, the décor, the ambiance, and most certainly the bar. Sometimes, the DJ is last on the list of things to do – and it gets shuffled to a decision of "How much do they cost?" Cost should be a factor your considering, but it shouldn’t make or break your DJ selection.

Don't start out by just asking "How much do you charge?" Instead, tell your DJ choices a little about YOU and YOUR EVENT. We want to work with people that we are friends with. We need to connect with out clients and a great way to do that is to actually meet with you. Hiring a DJ becomes a personal relationship, because you are inviting us to the most monumental day of your life! Let us know when you are available to meet or talk and we can go from there.

Shopping for a DJ is like shopping for any important accessory. The cost is a final factor, but what is most important is what that DJ brings to the table. Experience, ability, personality, and skill are not measures to dime down. If you want attention to detail and time spent with your MC to plan your party the right way, you need to ensure that will happen. Do you want to leave out the light show but add party props? Are you looking for 6 hours of playing time instead of 4?
There are many things that can be added or taken away from your reception or party that will influence the overall investment. Having a budget is GREAT, but knowing what you want from the DJ and what they can do is pivotal. Let your DJ know your vision for the event and what you would like them to accomplish. Bounce ideas off of us and ask us for our suggestions. The deliberations you have had over your cake flavor, and napkin colors, are important. The time you spend on your music is just as so. Make sure you hire a DJ and/or Emcee that can work with you to construct an incredible auditory experience. Remember any events, weddings, dances, parties that you have been to, for good or for bad….What did you like or hate about them? 4 out of 5 times the music selection, and the atmosphere those tunes create, is the deciding factor in a fabulous bash or a spectacular flop.

Hire a DJ that knows what he/she is doing, and is willing to go the extra mile to work with you. We will not know the exact rate until we find out exactly what YOU want. Please give us a call, there is no obligation! We look forward to customizing an event for you soon!

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