Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maid of Honor Wedding Toast

It is traditional for the best man and the father-of-the-bride to give a toast—but as the Maid of Honor, you have the right to say a few words too, should you choose to. So, don’t be shy, stand up, grab the microphone and give the happy couple some inspiring words! Here are some tips:

Take It Seriously: When you toast the bride and groom at their wedding, you're not just speaking for all the guests—you are saying what everyone at the reception would like to say, well-wishes, advice, and congratulations. This is a huge responsibility. Embrace this obligation with grace and maturity.

Don't Procrastinate: Write your toast early. The worst thing to do would be to be writing it during the hors d’oeuvres! Carefully think about the message you would like to give, and remember to give it the time it deserves.

Be Personal: While you are speaking for the whole group, you should also personalize the toast. Be sure to include:

· Express how happy and honored you are to be at the wedding and thank the bride and groom (and their parents, if appropriate) for inviting everyone to be a part of their special day.

· Include a personal touch (a favorite memory, story, quote, or joke), but be sure to make it something everyone will enjoy.

· Offer encouraging, poignant and moving words of advice for their future together. (A quote will usually work its way in here).

· Offer heart-felt well wishes.

· Raid raising of the glass, saying "To Jess and Shane"

You don’t have to be funny: Best man speeches are often goofy, sometimes awkward stories meant to poke fun at the groom. Don’t feel you have to follow this with digs on the bride! (She may not appreciate it!) But don’t feel that you have to get overly sentimental either. If hilarity is comfortable and appropriate for you, then be funny, if you are sentimental-great, but most of all speak from the heart.

Keep it short: Public speaking is not for everyone, and if it is something that makes you uncomfortable, all the more reason to keep it short and sweet. Your toast can just be two quick lines, (perhaps up to 2 minutes). As you prepare your toast, keep it simple and don't try to add in hard to pronounce vocabulary words you wouldn’t normally use.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Once the toast has been written, practice reading it out loud. Ask for feedback from your family. If possible, memorize the toast, but also be sure to write out the complete speech (or good notes) and take it with you to the microphone. That day, in the moment, you could forget the toast, so have a back-up plan ready.

Know When: Toasting traditionally happens once everyone has been seated and served champagne, but the bride and groom may request something different…so know what their wishes are. If they don't have a preference, the timing is up to you and the best man. If there is a mic stand, walk up together, and if a microphone is being passed make sure you have coordinated who will go first and how you will get the mic.

Call the guests to attention by clinking a glass with a utensil (or have the DJ announce to guests that toasting is about to begin).

Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Write The Speech Yourself?
A properly planned Toast/Speech is important to the success of any Wedding. One that is not prepared, delivered improperly, or drags on too long can lose the impact and interest of the guests - however one which is professionally written can keep them laughing and really raise the success level of the Wedding another 10%. Here are some professionally done, relatively inexpensive toast ideas.

Click Here To See Some Toast & Speeches

Giving a great toast is a fun opportunity to share a little bit of you and celebrate the happy couple. Relax, enjoy and Cheers!

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