Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Tips: Red Carpet

If you are planning a big event, consider this: make the guests feel unique and special upon arrival – with a red carpet!

Here’s how you do it: set up a long narrow entrance to the party room or hall. Get a long red carpet, a row of rope stands or even rose petals strewn on either side. The trick is to get the guests to go down this pathway to enter the venue.

You can ask the event or location staff to line up on either side of the entry-path – their job is to cheer as each guest arrives and begin their walk to the doorway. If you want to go the extra step, hire celebrity impersonators to “interview” guests as they arrive, and make sure there are plenty of people “in the crowd” with cameras, (you can even get these photos developed at a 1-hour photo place and have them put in frames to be given as favors at the end of the party!)

The “red carpet treatment’ is great for fundraising galas, corporate parties, and even wedding receptions, but it always works best when you take the idea, and can personalize it to the event and the honorees.

Have a great party!

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