Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Dance Theme Tips

School has just begun, and it is time for school administrators and committees to start thinking about those big school events: the high school prom, homecoming, semi formal, and other great dances and events.

The first step when planning these events is determining the theme. The party theme will affect the invitations, fliers, decorations, favors, music and dress code. Having a theme will set the stage for all planning activities and make the dance more memorable.

First, determine how many events you will have this year. Would you like them to all follow a similar theme? Would you like them to flow with the seasons, or be based on a series of books or movies? You may want one large event, or several smaller ones. Getting these on the calendar immediately will help the planning process.

Next, choose a theme. Think romance for proms, or school spirit for homecoming--but be careful--students are notorious for finding humor or misconstruing things that adults come up with--so keep it simple, and avoid any kinds enteof double entendres. Movies, books, or popular themes like "under the sea" always work well and can be fun for the students and staff to plan.

The best way to set your theme is with the music. Work with your DJ company to choose songs that are appropriate for your audience and that follow your theme. For example, a "70's disco" dance will be even more fun and thematic if 90's pop-rock songs are not thrown in to the mix!

One of your biggest factors will be budget. While you can go with almost any theme and fit it into your budget, how much you can spend will determine how far you can take it. Do you want to give away favors? Will there be food? Will decorations be bought or made? These are all factors that will affect your budget.

Choosing and running with a theme will not only help you make decisions about the event, but will help get the student body excited about the upcoming dance and guide a student-run dance planning committee's creativity--ensuring a successful, unique and memorable event for all!

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