Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Hot New Trends in Corporate Event Entertainment

Businesses have been trying to entertain their employees for decades, with holiday parties and summer picnics, and even at conventions and company meetings. But in the last few years, corporate event entertainment has been taken to a new level. Event planners are looking at new ways to motivate, team build, train and entertain—and out of that, some exciting new trends are emerging.

One new trend in corporate event entertainment is tying in a positive message or training throughout the week or weekend session. Things like comedy skits, and high-energy group activities assist employees in learning better customer relations techniques, build confidence, and work with each other more effectively.

Here are some hot ideas:

Entertainment ideas for courage-building: Ideas like group sky-diving, mountain climbing, ropes courses and white water rafting are all courage-building ideas that can be used as good bases for thing like team building and problem-solving.

Environmentally sound entertainment ideas: Being green is on everyone’s mind these days, and businesses are taking notice by “greening up” corporate events with green awareness training, organic foods, freetrade favors, and brainstorming sessions on how to bring environmentally-friendly ideas to the work place.

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