Thursday, October 1, 2009

Questions to ask your DJ

There was a time when having a DJ at your wedding, was mostly a cost decision. But DJ’s no longer just play a couple standard party songs in the corner and go home. DJ’s can offer a huge variety of music selections and styles that a live band sometimes cannot. And a DJ can be an emcee, moving the wedding along, getting the crowd to participate, and gathering the crowd to pay attention to a significant moment in the night.

So when you are considering a DJ for your wedding, here are some questions to ask:

Presentation. Ask the DJ how they will do the presentation of things like the introductions, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet & garter, requests and special dances. You and the DJ should be able to work together to accommodate your needs and their style.

Clothing. What will the DJ be wearing? Some DJ’s wear tuxedos, others suits, and still others show up in whatever they happen to throw on that day. If you have a preference—now is the time to say so!

Food. If you are having a reception at dinner time, rest assured the DJ will be hungry too. If you are serving food, make sure you ask if the DJ would like the meal, (most will say yes) and what choice they would like.

Breaks. Unless the DJ is working in a team, they will need a break (bathroom, drink, fresh air). Ask the DJ what their policy on breaks is and how they will cover the time they step away (Will they have music playing? Etc.)

Time. Ask about the DJ’s start and end times. The DJ can play just during the reception or during the cocktail hour and through dessert, but you should be specific about what you want and what rates apply for the time.

Song Selections. You should be able to select from a song list, and include a few special requests. You can even put a “no-play” list together, (that way if you don’t want a certain song, no matter how many times Uncle Erv requests it, it won’t be played).

Equipment. A DJ should have professional sound equipment – including speakers and a microphone and everything he or she should have to play at your wedding, but they will need access to a power supply, and potentially a table with linens (many will bring this, but it pays to ask). Make sure you know exactly what you are providing, and what they are bringing to the event.

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