Friday, September 25, 2009

Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment can come in many forms and is the best way to keep guests involved in your party. You don't want them to become bored, leave the party early, even have bad memories of the party afterwards. Games and music are the two most popular forms of party entertainment and depending on the ages and types of guests you have, these will vary.

If you are throwing a children’s party, the traditional games like 'Red Light, Green Light' or 'Simon Says,' are family-friendly and can be paired with more active games such as a bounce houses or a game of touch football. If your party has just adults, board games, or card games are always an easy way to get people involved.

Music is a great form of party entertainment—and can be upbeat and energizing or a subtle relaxing background. You can definitely set the moods of your guests depending on what kind of music you play and when. If you want to get the party going, play something with a strong beat and quick tempo. Remember to always play music that’s appropriate to the audience—children’s songs are best for kids parties, but not for adult parties, corporate events are different than house parties. When in doubt about the appropriateness of a song, check the lyrics beforehand.

Probably the best entertainment idea is to hire a DJ, who can make the decisions on the best songs to play and when, help lead the group games and keep the party moving. You can also work with another entertainer like a comedian, or magician to keep the crowd entertained. The trick is to always consider the audience, and choose the kind of entertainment that will truly be entertaining for all.
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