Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prom Themes

Are you on your prom's planning committee this year? A prom is an exciting event and choosing the right theme can be instrumental in its success and the ease of your planning. Here are a few GREAT prom themes to use--or inspire creativity of your own.

1) Dream / Day Dreaming / Star Gazing: Decorate with soft clouds, moons, stars. Instead of traditional tables and chairs, bring in bean bags and large floor pillows.

2) Under the Sea: Choose sea blue and foam waves for decoration, and sea shells and netting work great on the tables as decorations. This is an easy theme to go with since decorations are so available--and it is always fun!

3) The Roaring 20’s: The 20’s is a glamorous and romantic theme. Be sure to have the DJ play plenty of swing music and encourage if possible offer some after-school, or Phys Ed swing dancing classes in the weeks leading up to the prom to get everyone involved!

4) James Bond - Casino Royale: James Bond and the glamour of a casino themed night can be a fun and interesting way to add entertainment and activity into your prom. Have the guests arrive in black tie and cocktail dresses and use play money and game tables and serve mocktails. For those who choose not to dance, this is a great way to feel involved without hitting the dance floor!

5) Paris: Paris is considered one of the most romantic places on Earth--and this is a GREAT way to get your French club involved in the planning too! Decorate with Eiffel towers, French posters and advertising. Add Christmas-style lights strung across the space and write in French on the invitations, signs and tickets. Ask your DJ to bring in French pop songs to play, and ask your French students what songs they would like included!

6) Beach/ Hawaiian Theme: A great way to heat up a cold winter night or rainy spring is with a beach theme! Decorations can involve beach balls, a sandcastle contents, even fish bowls, or Hawaiian leis as table centerpieces. Have the students dress in their board shorts, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and hula dresses. Have the DJ play old beach music along side traditional prom music.

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