Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Questions to Guarantee a Quality DJ

There are ten questions that you should ask to ensure that you have a quality DJ at your wedding or next corporate event. Don't be left hoping that the DJ you chose will do the job well--be positive that your DJ will entertain, be professional and let you enjoy your party!

1.) Is the Disc Jockey (and/or entertainment company) insured?

2.) Will the DJ discuss the music selection with you ahead of time if you would like them to?

3.) Will the DJ use professional equipment and have a professional presentation, (table, speakers, signage etc.)

4.) Will there be back-up equipment available at the reception, (in case a microphone dies, a cord is broken, or a speaker blows!)

5.) Does the DJ know the proper etiquette, song selection and traditions for the reception (i.e. Bar Mitzvah, corporate party, wedding).

6.) Will the DJ set up before the event, and how long will they need to set-up before guests arrive?

7.) Does the DJ provide a written contract?

8.) Will the DJ be professionally, and appropriately dressed?

9.) Does the DJ belong to any professional organizations or groups, or hold any special designations or accreditation?

10.) Can the DJ provide references for the type of event you are planning?

Be confident that your next event will be entertaining! Make sure to hire a quality DJ Company!

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